G'day Mate!

Campers will explore Western Australia's history ,heritage ,gold rush and, pioneers who've impacted today's agricultural industry. This week includes a field trip to the Australian Bakery Cafe for a tour, samples of Australian meats and desserts, a food demonstration, and a discussion on Australia's wildlife.


Campers will play the role of a paleontologist by creating site maps based on fossil findings. Through our weekly field trip ,and crafts students will travel back to the Mesozoic Era.

Students will learn about development, design, production, operation and use of aircraft during aviation week. This week includes a field trip to the Delta Flight Museum.

Primary forms of performing arts are well known as theater,music,dance opera and musical theater. Very few know about secondary Performing Arts. Campers will learn about Puppetry,Illusion,Mime,Spoken Word and Circus arts. Our featured field trip is to The Center for Puppetry Arts in Downtown Atlanta. Field trip- Puppetry of Arts
Aloha Campers!

Campers will learn the Hula and make special Hawaiian treats which will be served at our Luau. All the campers will be dressed in Hawaiian skirts and hats along with garlands made by them. We will recreate the Hawaiian beach on our porch.


The students will learn about famous inventions and inventors every day. Ranging from the light bulb to the iphone, the campers will analyze and make projects on each invention and their relevance in our daily lives.
Trains, Planes ,& Automobiles

The campers go back in time and learn about how the wheel was invented. They also collect pictures and make collages about how the different modes of transportation have changed over the years. This week includes a special field trip to the Railway Museum.

I am awesome!
In the first days of camp, kids make connections with each other that will last all summer. In this premier week, campers create crafts and are engaged activities that promote team building, positive self-esteem, friendship and lots more “get-to-know-you fun” for everyone. A special feature during this week is our “Career Day” event where we all share what we want to be when we grow up and special guests join us to teach us about careers to consider…
An Ocean Adventure

Campers explore life under the sea...fish---big and small,turtles, frogs, and all types of aquatic life….even alligators and crocodiles.We will make murals and dramatize The Little Mermaid or 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Come join us on our exceptional expedition where “life is hotter under the water”!
Ooey Gooey Experiments...

The campers will learn about scientific concepts like gravity, decantation, metamorphosis, magnetism, simple machines, and more while participating in hands-on experiments. Get ready to explore the scientific method in a variety of ways!
Monkeys and more…

Our campers will be making number of craft projects along with building their very own jungle scene. Campers will learn about the various animals and flora which inhabit this unique environment through books and audio.  Jungle hats, monkey tails – think and we will make it happen!
Picasso, Monet, Michelangelo…

Campers recreate paintings and sculptures of famous artists like Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, O’Keefe, Michelangelo, Pollack and more! They will experiment with the different artistic styles that made these people famous and explore the vibrant and fascinating world of visual art. A student Art Exhibition will be held at the end of the week. Parents are welcome to come visit our gallery.
The Paparazzi is in town!

Campers play Paparazzi with their friends!  Campers will have the chance to dress up in star style, explore photography, create their own video production and star profile magazine!  The week will conclude with a red carpet style awards ceremony.
Grab your passport!

For five days, campers will choose a daily country / culture and explore the unique traditions, music, food and costumes. There will be cooking, dancing, music, folk tales and lots of dress up. Parents are welcome to come share their unique culture with their child's class.
What the future has in store…

Our imagination is the limit….Campers will explore the types of houses we might live in and the types of transportation too. How will our world be different? What role does technology play? Campers will create a unique futuristic project to display, create stories of our own futuristic lifestyles and learn about future of earth through science experiments.

Under the canopy lies…

Our week begins with an introduction to the rainforest by reading The Great Kapok Tree. Each day we will introduce a part of the rainforest including the layers, animals, trees, plants and resources. The students will create their favorite part and build a giant mural and will learn about the 3Rs ( Reduce Recycle Reuse ).
Arrrrggghhh, Matey!

Students will create treasure chests, eye patches and many more fun crafts. They will enjoy visiting the inside of a Pirate ship that will be architecturally created by them. Stories about famous pirates abound…fiction and non-fiction. Our buccaneers are ready to set sail for pirate adventure this summer!

Howdy Partner !

The fun will start with the cowboy hats and end with a never ending journey to the Wild, Wild West. Students will make their own moveable horses, create western scenes on paper, sing western songs and learn about the cultures and lifestyles that built the American frontier.
Wish upon a star …

Campers will explore the rich and imaginative world of fairy tale adventures through dress up, storytelling, creative writing and dramatic role play. Students will have a chance to write, produce and perform a fairy tale of their choice for a presentation at the end of the week….parents and friends are invited.

Blast from the Past !

Campers are going to enjoy this “blast from the past”. We are going to take the students back to the 80’s through fun popular music, videos. pop art and fashion.  Let’s take them back to when “girls just wanna have fun” and we all learned to “walk like an Egyptian”…
Athletic Action!

Ready, set, go! Campers explore all types of sports and activities including rules of the game, keeping score, notable achievements of famous players, and more…The week finishes with their very own mini Summer Olympics!
Everything Egypt…

It is time go back in time for an archaeological adventure! From art to architecture and from costumes to culture, campers will explore everything Egyptian including pyramids, pharaohs, hieroglyphs, King Tut, Cleopatra, and the mythology of the culture….of course Egypt would not be complete without the mummies!
Our creepy, crawly friends..

Campers take a week to delve into the wonderful world of insects! Children of all ages are fascinated with all types of tiny life in all of its creepy, crawly, buggy glory. Kids explore all types of critters up close and personal including life cycles and learn about the science of biology…

Laughter, lemonade, and all the classic summer fun of days gone past! Campers will explore the summer culture of the southern states through cooking projects, arts & crafts, and more….they will learn how to make homemade ice cream and jam and learn the games and fun that filled days in the sun in days gone by…
Hooray for the USA!

It is time to celebrate everything USA! This week generally coincides with summer celebrations of Independence day in July each summer. Campers will explore what patriotism means, learn the classic songs that celebrate our nation, our flag, and learn what “freedom” means…What celebration would not be complete without tie-dye, hotdogs, and firework crafts at our Fourth of July Picnic Celebration held this week.
A voyage among the stars…

Climb aboard the rocket ship “Adventure” as students blast off into the cosmos to discover the planets, our sun, the solar system and all of the wonders it holds. A scientific and sensational journey awaits our young astronauts and they zoom through constellations! Join us on our celestial travels through the Milky Way…
Campers will experience a week of fun and discovery as they explore the frontier days of old….how did people live before electricity, cars, and all of the conveniences we take for granted. Crafts and explorations will center on what “old fashioned” really means. A trip to a local grist mill and other local historical sites accompany this adventure.
Do Re Mi …

All things musical await our young explorers from composers to music styles throughout history. Students not only learn about music composition…they get to try their hand at writing their own. A week full of songs, instruments and “note-able” experiences awaits our young Mozarts!
Crafty campers of all shapes and sizes are invited to explore the creative world of arts and crafts. With a week loaded with projects, projects and more projects, children experiment with all types of artistic media to create one of a kind masterpieces!
Lords and Ladies of the Realm...

The gallant stories of knights and their ladies fair, King Arthur, Sir George and the Dragon create the stage for this week of courtly splendor. Students will build their very own castle, experience the tales and step into a world of adventure, quests, rich art, and richer language. Students will explore Shakespeare and live theatre through a field trip...
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